Can you turn the pet off?



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    Marilyn H

    I am OLD and my hands don't work well.  I have a very difficult time turning my PUP off to conserve the batteries because of this difficulty I don't "enjoy" my PUP as much. It's painful and a real chore.

    A simple off/on pressure switch maybe in the foot, the tail or somewhere on the head, might help us older people.

    • Just squeeze the foot or the tail and the pressure activates the switch,
    • Re-squeeze to turn off. (Similar to the pressure in the back to turn on the heart beat).

    The complicated existing switch could still be used to setup the pet then the simple pressure switch could be the daily control.

    I know it probably sounds silly but when it hurts to do something, then that 'something' doesn't get done as often. 

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